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Industrial Power Installation

Industrial Power Installation for a Dust Collection System at Press Forge Co.

CLE Electric, Inc. Installed, Connected, and Tested the following components for this project:

  • Install a new 5KV Load Interrupter Switch.
  • Connect the new 5KV Load Interrupter Switch to existing Switchgear.
  • Install a conduit from new 5KV Load Interrupter switch to new 4, 1680/480V Padmount Transformer.
  • Install 5KV Cable from 5KV Switchgear to 4, 160/480V Padmount Transformer.
  • Install 5KV cable terminations inside of Switchgear.
  • Install 5KV Dead Break Elbow terminations wire inside of primary section Padmount Transformer.
  • Install Ground Rods, Bare Copper Wire for Ground Grid, and Cadweld all connections.
  • Install new 480/277V 2,500 Amp Switchgear.
  • Install 480V/208-120V Transformer.
  • Install 480V Dust Collector Control Panel and Conduit to Dust Collector Fan
  • Terminate all Wires.
  • Provide ground resistance test.
  • Provide ground fault test on new main circuit breaker.